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Web Analytics & Reporting

Web analytics and reporting are a fundamental need in your digital marketing efforts.  It's critical to continually fine tune your website and enhance web content based on how your website is performing, and how your web visitors interact with your website and it's content.

Web Analytics & ReportingThrough proper analysis of web analytics you'll gain insights into; 

  • which pages are converting traffic into sales, 
  • which pages your visitors are exiting your website from,
  • which pages your visitors are finding in search,
  • how well your calls-to-action are working,
  • how your users are interacting with your content,
  • where your web visitors are from geographically,
  • which websites are sending you the most traffic,
  • how your social media efforts are helping you, and
  • how many pages of your website are index by Google and other     search engines.

Web reporting can be custom tailored based on the business needs of your website.  Our staff is Google Analytics Certified and can help you make the sense of your website analytics, and help you to develop and ongoing marketing strategy to continually improve the performance of your website.

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