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Web Design and Development

equaTEK Interactive is a web design and development company in Rochester, NY. We build world-class websites for great companies like yours. Our goal is to help you build your business. We work hard to understand your goals and objectives through a comprehensive discovery phase.  From concept, to wireframes, to launch we work with you every step of the way to ensure your new website will meet the expanding needs of your company, using the latest web technology.

All of our websites are built on our Interport CMS using the following process:

Discovery Phase: Strategy

Through our discovery process, we map out the requirements for your mobile friendly website (also known as a responsive website), or for re-engineering of an existing site. We work closely with your company to help you develop a clear web site strategy that will allow you to better:

  • Identify your goals & objectives
  • Understand who your target audience is and their needs or wants
  • Identify any road blocks
  • Do competitive analysis
  • Review your online marketing campaigns
  • Identify and measure the correct website success metrics 
  • Track & improve conversion rates

Discovery Phase: User Interface Development and Website Design

As a continuation of our discovery process, we map out the user interface design through a comprehensive content inventory, both for existing content and proposed new content. In addition, we provide a list of recommendations for ongoing content development to help you continue to imrpove upon search engine ranking through SEO and content development.

Wireframes are provided to help you visualize how your website will function, outlining which functional modules will be placed on each page and where, and how your users will interact with your website and find the content they need.

Once the wireframes are approved we lay the visual design layer over the top of that to give you that polished mobile-friendly website that will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Development Phase:

Having completed a full website discovery with us, there is no guesswork in how your website will look or function.  The discovery output requirements document maps out every detail of how we will design and build your new mobile-friendly, responsive website using Interport CMS.

Included Features:

  • Inteport CMS (on DotNetNuke) includes more than 40 modules provide a wide range of functionality including: maps, blog modules, calendars, image rotators, image galleries, Google Analytics, easy to create forms, member directories, RSS feeds, banner ad managers, content tabs, email subscription manager, social media integration, social sharing buttons, document management and more.  Explore the list of modules included with our Interport CMS.
  • Mobile friendly - responsive designs
  • Budget aware and cost sensitive
  • Utilize staged development for instant client access to website preview

Why do we build on a CMS (Content Management System) vs buidling a custom HTML website?

We have a great explanation on our HTML vs Content Management System page. Content management systems are designed to enable web site owners to change and maintain their own websites without knowledge of HTML or any other language and technology. A CMS can potentially significantly reduce website implementation and design costs while greatly facilitating the ability to manage content within the site.  By using a content management solution, you can significantly improve the way your business functions on-line. You control the changing content that keeps your viewers/customers coming back.

It is vitally important for your website to not only look professional, but also give your customers the information that they need about the products and services you offer quickly and easily. Contact us today for additional information! 

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