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Allegany County - their story with equaTEK

Allegany County is located in the Southern Tier of New York touching the Pennsylvania border. Gretchen Hanchett of Allegany County wanted 2 websites: Allegany Chamber of Commerce and Discover Allegany County.

The county representatives needed websites that:

  • Had an easy way to edit content
  • Were mobile-friendly
  • Could display a regularly changing calendar
  • Could display a large number of photos
  • Could provide maps for each calendar event
  • Could track data

The resulting equaTEK websites fulfilled all requirements as well as included:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Google Analytics tracking
  • Website organization that matched the needs of the business and customers

The Allegany Chamber of Commerce website was completed and launched first with equaTEK. Prior to building this new site, Allegany requested better organization and a more visually pleasing website. They wanted a website that functioned well and loaded quickly as well as one that provided easy access to an editing tool.

Their original websites for Allegany were not developed by equaTEK Interactive and did not allow Gretchen and her staff to make changes on their own. It required requesting changes from a third party vendor, which not only meant additional cost, but also included a significant number of errors. EquaTEK’s Interport platform provided everything they needed including a user-friendly backend for changing and adding content.

The second website, Discover Allegany County, was developed and launched next. It provides tourist attractions and activities for visitors to Allegany County, NY.

After equaTEK developed and launched the tourism website, Allegany County chose to move into a website maintenance program with equaTEK. They meet regularly over the phone with an equaTEK digital marketer to improve existing content and add new content.

Client Success Story

In the realm of digital marketing, most people have the expectation that the results will be instantaneous. I often wonder if it is because everything on the internet is instantly available or if it is simply the hope for immediate results.

Though digital marketing does operate on a different timeline than traditional marketing, it still requires a strategic plan to be followed – with a timeline that is always longer than one might hope.

We have been working with the folks at Allegany County Tourism to achieve two primary goals – 1) make their website visually attractive and user oriented and 2) attract more visitors to the site in anticipation of enticing them to visit the county in person. We are excited to learn that independent statistical evidence has just been received that confirmed efforts have been effective. This is exciting and rewarding but it didn’t happen overnight.

The President of Allegany Country Tourism has issued the following Press Release:

Contact: Gretchen Hanchett

Phone 585-268-5500
Fax 585-268-7473
6087 St. Route 19
Belmont, NY 14813

Press Release

Travelers are finding out what we are all about

Word is getting out that Allegany County does have what people are looking for in ways of recreation and tourism. From the beautiful outdoors and year-round, almost daily events, to our rich American History and natural resources, our county is on an increasing path of tourism growth. Tourism is attracting sportsmen, and women, young and old, artists, writers, and those who just want relaxation time from their busy lives in their second homes.

According to the New York State Tourism Impact Report for 2016, travelling across NY State expanded by 2.7% resulting in $65 billion in revenue. It has gone up 22% since the recession of 2008. Direct spending in total business was $105 billion in business sales, including direct and induced impacts. There were 780,000 jobs in tourism in NYS, with $34.6 billion in income from those jobs.

So what does that mean in terms for tourism in Allegany County?

Between 2011 and 2016, traveler spending here has gone from $54,074,000 to $64,614,000, an increase of $10,540,000 or an increase of 19.4%. That means for every dollar spent by Allegany County for tourism has had a return on investment of $458.

Those profits come from lodging, recreation, finance and business, retail and services stations, transportation, and second homes. 

Breaking it down further means taxpayers of Allegany County have benefited through tourism growth in keeping their taxes from rising. Were it not for tourism-generated state and local taxes, the average household in Allegany County would have to pay an additional $419 annually to maintain the same level of government revenue.

Traveler spending for lodging was $2,180,000 recreation was $1,322,000 F&B was $11,822,000 Retail & Service Stations was $4,573,000 Transportation was $433,000 and Second Homes was $44,283,000 for the $64,614,000 overall tourism spending total. Allegany County is number one in traveler spending of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus-Allegany County triangle when it comes to traveler spending on second homes.

This data comes Tourism Economics, and Oxford Economics Company which is one of the world’s leading providers of economic analysis, forecasts, and consulting advice. 

As I mentioned, this did not happen overnight and frankly, it didn’t happen as fast as the County would like – because it takes time! It takes perseverance, it takes trying things and discovering what works, and it takes time to get people to notice you and pay attention.

If you’re still not doing anything, what you are doing is delaying getting the results you want. And if you are inconsistent in your activities or you’re following the start/stop plan, you are simply wasting your time and resources.

Face it, our economy has already moved online. It’s time that you embrace this reality and do what is needed to help new customers discover you. 

It’s time for us to talk. Give us a call at 585-485-0780. Today.

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