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CABworx: Commerce Accelerator For Business

CABWorx is a proprietary eCommerce application developed and offered exclusively by equaTEK!

The CABWorx platform enables manufacturers, distributors and merchants to become fully integrated into a common environment and through this integration,  allows manufacturers and distributors to find new new merchants to sell their products and for the merchants, the ability to discover new products to sell.  CABWorx enables merchants to subscribe to product catalogs from multiple suppliers and to easily combine these catalogs together with their own data to create one composite catalog that is then published to their web-store.  

CABWorx differentiates itself from its competitors in that it is also integrated with the storefront to receive & manage the orders - including obtaining the preauthorization on the consumer's credit card.  These orders are automatically split-up by line-item and sent to the fulfillment partner for shipment.  

It further differentiates itself by not only collecting the funds from the consumer, but it pays all the members of the transaction.  Thus eliminating risk, not to mention payable and receivable transactions.

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