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nopCommerce Storefront

nopCommerce storefront integration and customization:

equaTEK Interactive is able to build your eCommerce storefront using nopCommerce. nopCommerce is open source software that includes the ability to catalog products and to manage them on both the front-end and back-end through an admin tool.  It has a fully customizable shopping cart based on ASP.NET with MS SQL 2008 or higher for it's back-end database.

Here are some of the main features of nopCommerce:

Mobile Commerce:  nopCommerce includes the ability to create a mobile version of your website through an intuitive interface, and is available out of the box for free.

Multi-Store Support:  With nopCommerce you can run more than one storefront with a single installation. Manage the same product catalog and share it with multiple storefronts.  With multi-store support you can easily create micro-stores for promotions all sharing the same product data. Multi-Store support allows you to define:

  • Categories and manufacturers per store
  • Products per store
  • Content (news, blog, articles) per store
  • Payments per store
  • Shipping methods per store
  • Tax rules per store
  • Product prices per store
  • Newsletters per store
  • Graphical themes per store
  • Order filtering and reports per store
  • Almost each configuration setting can be set per store

Multi-Vendor Support:  Your storefront can sell and drop-ship products without maintaining inventory by identifying the vendor at the product level in your storefront. Your products can be sourced from hundreds of different vendors, and be seamless to the end customer.

Product Features:  nopCommerce has a wide range of product features allowing you to fully customize your storefront.  Some of the main features include the ability to create unlimited product attributes, product comparison, stock management, pricing customization, downloadable products, reviews and ratings, rental products, bundling, recurring products, returns management, related products and much more.

SEO Features: nopCommerce helps improve SEO efforts with a search engine friendly storefront.  Some of the SEO features include a sitemap, microdata, localizable URLs, breadcrumbs, URL canonicalization and Google Analytics integration.

Checkout Features:  nopCommerce allows for anonymous checkout so your customers can purchase from you without having to create an account. Additional attributes are available at checkout like gift wrapping options and personalized messages.  Checkout happens on one-page reducing the number of steps the customer must take.  Checkout also includes multilingual and multi-currency support, configuration of weights and dimensions, SSL support, SMS notifications, PDF order receipts, mini shopping carts and more.

Marketing Programs:  nopCommerce storefront includes several marketing components to keep you connected to your customers and deepen relationships through rewards point systems, Facebook integration, related products, discounts and coupons, newsletters, content, gift cards, reviews, ratings and product comparisons, affiliate programs and more.

Payment Methods: nopCommerce allows you to accept all major credit cards, but also includes more than 50 payment methods and gateways to allow payment methods that are limited by country. Your storefront can be set to authorize payment only, auth-capture, payment capture at shipping, and also supports refunds, partial refunds and void functionality.

Shipping Features: nopCommerce allows for unique shipping address entry, separate of billing address, shipping estimates prior to checkout, packaging slips creation, shipping calculation customization, and allows the store owner to define shipping methods integrated with major shipping carriers including: UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post and more.

Tax Features:  nopCommerce offers flexibility in how your store assigns tax based on your legal requirements, preferences and customer expectations.  Tax configuration features includes:

  • Configure taxes by country, state, zip
  • Individual products can be marked taxable or tax-exempt
  • Tax classes supported by product (e.g. goods, services, alcohol, etc)
  • Some customer groups can be marked as tax exempt
  • The European Union Value Added Tax (EU VAT) support (Company VAT Number)
  • Allow store owner to specify "tax based on" setting: billing/shipping/default/shipping origin address
  • Allow store owner to specify whether prices are entered including or excluding tax
  • Allow customer to choose tax display type (incl/excl tax)
  • Allow a store owner to specify tax display type (incl/excl tax)
  • Allow store owner to specify whether shipping is taxable
  • StrikeIron integration
  • Avalara integration
Custom:  equaTEK Interactive is a full service software development company who specializes in the technologies in which nopCommerce was written.  equaTEK has supported many of our clients add functionality and tailor existing nopCommerce functionality to their own needs.  So, when it isn't quite right for your business or process and you cannot afford to make the adjustment, give us a call and we can adapt the solution to fit your business.  Some examples of what we have done for our clients include:
  • Added shipment boxing logic so real-time shipment estimates through UPS matched the fulfillment departments boxing rules and prices. 
  • Extended the promotions engine to support a specialized discount structure
  • Extended to support multiple pricing structures

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