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Government / Education

EquaTEK is familiar with fulfilling government requirements and restrictions when developing software applications.  We create website applications that can be easily updated and be used by large numbers of users at one time. Our customized websites and digital marketing assist businesses and organizations in reaching the widest possible audience – including manufacturers, distributors, service providers and retailers. 

Our custom software applications are created to link people as quickly as possible with exceptional success rates. We are experienced with education and scholarly businesses that promote learning and maintain a steady profit.  

We have worked with the US Department of Defense to create a national program – assisting Veterans in becoming certified teachers in the U.S. The government program, Troops to Teachers (TTT), was started in 1994, and since then over 17,000 Troops to Teachers participants have been hired nationally in public schools. EquaTEK Interactive is proud to have built the custom software used in the Troops to Teachers program.

Let us help your government agency or educational institution expand and grow with our technology products.

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