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Health Care

At equaTEK, we help health care organizations reduce costs and speed up response time.  We provide custom websites, digital marketing, and custom software applications. We work with:

  • Health care supply manufacturers and distributors
  • Individual doctors such as dentists, pediatricians, or opticians
  • Group clinics and care facilities
  • Health insurance companies

We can assist health care resellers and manufacturers in selling medical products online using a store front that coordinates with manufacturers' catalogs and product lines. We provide customized management systems that assist in ordering supplies and determining treatments for patients in clinics and care facilities. We create applications with will monitor patient systems and anticipate potential problems. If you have a goal, we can help you achieve it.

EquaTEK will study your unique business goals and create a plan for a custom website or software application that aims to speed up your processes and lower your costs. Our business, programming, and digital marketing experts work together to provide you with extraordinary solutions.

Working with your team, will provide you with a Custom Solutions Analysis that will take your business goals, resources, and time line and find you a solution that will save you money or speed up your work process.

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