10 Ways to Improve Your Product Pages and Improve Sales

Posted on 1/11/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith

Are you selling products online through your website? Do you have product pages with a checkout? Here are 10 suggestions that will increase your product page views and may increase your product sales.

  1. Is your pricing competitive?Effective eCommerce Landing Pages
    Compare your pricing to other online products. If you aren't the cheapest, why not? Did you state the reason? "We offer handcrafted..." Your pricing is one of the most important elements of your product page that determines if someone will purchase product from you.
  2. Explain shipping, packaging, & return policy
    Are you clearly stating shipping options? Packaging? Or have you provided a link to shipping explanations? No one likes to pay money for something that could result in unknown expenses. An FAQ page on shipping might be helpful to link to. Have you clearly stated your return policy and made it easy for people to find it?
  3. State why people should buy from you
    Are you stating a reason a viewer should buy from you? What makes you different? What makes you special?
  4. Check your product name.
    Is each product name on the product page short and to the point using words your customers are likely to search on? People don’t read long product names. And the search engines don’t like them.
  5. Check your description.
    Is the product description detailed and clearly written? Is the buyer going to be surprised when he opens the product ordered, or did you take all the guess work out by writing everything in your description? Did you give additional helpful info - something someone who knows the product very well might say? Does this product or product category need an FAQ page for itself? If so, link to it.
  6. Check your image.
    Does it clearly show what the viewer will receive? Can the viewer enlarge it? Can you add an additional image, such as an image of the product being used? Do you have product pages without images? Add the correct images as soon as possible. With today’s technology for taking pictures with your phone, why would you tolerate a product page with no image? Does this product need several photos to explain how it works? Or looks? Or does this product need a short video to show how to use it?
  7. "Related Products" on the product page
    If the product pages allows, make sure related product truly make sense. Ask yourself or one of your sales people what else these customers might buy when purchasing this product.
  8. Does your Meta Title state what is for sale on that page?
    The Meta Title appears at the top left corner of your browser when you visit a web page. The Meta Title for a product page should not say the name of the store or what the entire site is about. It should just be short and to the point on what is being sold. It also shouldn't be the same as any other page on the site.
  9. Add a product review about the specific product you are trying to sell?
    Identify your top 5 or 10 selling products, and work on getting reviews or testimonials for those products. Add them to the product page. You can then highlight those reviews and testimonials on your social media channels, linking to the product page. Can you add a link on the product page for leaving a customer review?
  10. Does your checkout process have glitches or seem untrustworthy? Make sure your checkout process is simple and works perfectly. Every few months, purchase a product to see that the checkout works. You can then cancel the order and cancel the charge to your credit card. Some websites have a secret hidden product that costs very little ($.01 or $1.00) so that an administrator can easily check the system.

Most importantly, talk to your customers and find out if they are having problems on the website. Ask them on the phone how their shopping experience was and how could your company improve the site. The more you refine your product pages and checkout, the more likely people are to buy your products.


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