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A Little Reminder - What Makes a Good Webpage?

Posted on 4/22/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in seo search engine optimization What makes a good webpage web usability

Sometimes I need a reminder of the basics. Sometimes I need a reminder to slow down and look at what is in front of me. How about you? Stop right now and take a look at a page on your website that you wish was more successful. Use this list to remind you what's important and make some changes right now.

1. CONTENT on the page

Is it helpful and interesting to your intended audience? Find out what your audience/customers need and want then add it to your website.  There are many ways to find this out: One of those ways might be to ask your customers. Think about how customers shop. Ask the person who answers the phone in your business. Is your content short and well organized? Is it new? Make a change.

2. APPEARANCE of the page

Is your page interesting - including images? Video? PDFs? Color? Is it clear and easy to figure out? Is the text big enough and easy to read? Are the images and graphics helpful for understanding the point of the page? Remember KISS? Keep it simple stupid. Allow for enough white space so people aren't overloaded with images and information. Make a change.

3. FUNCTIONALITY of the page

Does the page load quickly? Do all of the links work? Do you have errors in your writing? Spelling? Grammar? If you do, you are frustrating your readers and losing their respect.  Get help. Make a change.


Look at your Google Analytics.

Do a lot of visitors visit the page? Does your page have a high bounce rate? (A bounce is when a viewer enters the site through a page and then leaves the site without ever going to any other page.) Bounce rate is dependent on how many Entrances a page has. (If only 4 visitors have entered the site through a particular page, and 3 of them bounced, your bounce rate is 75%. That may be a high bounce rate, but it is not necessarily accurate for the page since your sample (4 visitors) was so small.) Make a change.

5. EASE OF USE of the page

Navigating through a page should be simple and obvious. Once I get to your webpage, it should be obvious to someone not familiar with your business what the next step should be. Most importantly, there should be a call-to-action. "Buy Online", "View Color Choices", and "Sign Up for Newsletter" are simple calls-to-action with few words that lead the viewer to move-on through the site.

What pages from competitors rank higher than yours in a Google search? If Google thinks their page is better than yours, you may want to take a look and see why? Make a change.

Need more help? Try calling your webmaster and ask for his or her opinion. 


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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