Video Content Creation Adding Custom Video to Your Website - Without Breaking the Bank

Adding Custom Video to Your Website - Without Breaking the Bank

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Video is the perfect way to help your customers understand your business yet it can be so costly. If a picture is worth 1000 words then a video must be worth a million - but at what price? Professional videos, even the simplest ones, can be a lot of time and effort to produce. Well, equaTEK Interactive has a economical solution for businesses who need video and the benefits it brings.

Professional video can lead potential customers to your business and explain your business offerings in a way that printed images and words just can't. Video catches people's attention and can give an impression that lasts. In today's world, video is an effective way to get a message across, but it can be very costly. equaTEK Interactive, partnering with Edit Dash Video, has developed an economical way for clients to have professional video to add to their website and to their video social channel.

equaTEK Interactive has been providing businesses with professional Internet solutions that help grow those businesses since 2003. equaTEK is one of the top website creators and digital marketing companies in the Rochester, NY area. When Edit Dash Video's owner Maureen Mattia approached equaTEK about partnering to provide low cost professional video content for website clients, equaTEK jumped at the chance. "equaTEK already had taught their clients how important adding new content to their websites is," says Maureen." equaTEK's monthly seminars called equaTEK University have taught the public how to be more successful on the Internet with their website by using best practices in the field of digital marketing.  One best practice is to create unique, industry-specific content and add it to a business website and social channels. Together equaTEK and their clients are learning how to produce professional video at a an economical cost. Being in the Internet solutions business, it was second nature for equaTEK to publish the video on social channels like and to add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make the video more effective on search engines like Google.

"Once we write out a plan for the video, our clients provide the still shots and video they take with their Smartphones," adds Sue Mayo-Smith, equaTEK's Relationship Manager. "We storybook the video, gather the needed elements, and paste it altogether into a professional creation," comments Mayo-Smith. "Everyone is adding what they know best so the process doesn't take long, and we get wonderful results."

For more information on producing video for your business, see our Video Content Creation page and Contact equaTEK with equaTEK with questions.


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