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Adding Reviews & Testimonials to Your Website

Posted on 1/25/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith in content marketing seo Reviews & Testimonials

Having a company website is standard practice these days, but if you think about it, isn’t it all just words and images in cyberspace? Why should anyone call you or trust your company after looking at your website? Building trust on the Internet is not an easy job, but there are some simple ways to increase your trust-factor. One of my favorite methods is adding reviews and testimonials, which can increase traffic, increase customers reaching out to you, and increase sales.

, such as a Google review or a Yelp review, are quick way for a customer to publicly let people know what they think of your business.  5 stars compared to 3 stars lets us know a lot quickly.

Cathleen Wells
a year ago

The folks at equaTEK are brilliant web developers, smart business people with integrity, and very nice to be around - a rare find. I highly recommend them for custom software development and website design and development. The company has a deep understanding and many years of experience in developing custom solutions for ecommerce.

Ask for a Review
With customers who I know are pleased with our service, I ask them or encourage them in an email, in person, or on the phone for a review. Once someone says they will leave me a Google review, I send them our Google Review website link that explains the steps. I often encourage people to include details and specifics since it makes the review more interesting. Don’t request reviews in an email blast. If several people leave Google reviews at approximately the same time, Google may view that as a manipulative move. When a client says good things to me about my work or about our company, I suggest they leave a review. Google reviews and Yelp reviews also increase your chances of your company being clicked on for local searches. Don’t be afraid of the bad ones. Treat the ugly testimonials with great respect, offer to fix the situation, let them know how many times you have tried to solve the problem.

Testimonials on your website can help your business build an audience that trusts you and can add to your credibility. As a business, you get to pick and choose which testimonials you add to your website. Testimonials are personal and are best when they are specific about what your company provided the client.

As stated in the blog post “5 Incredible Facts About Customer Testimonials", customer testimonials are more effective than analysts’ reports: customer testimonials significantly contribute to purchase decisions, customer testimonials increase CTR, customer testimonials increase conversions, and customer testimonials and reviews are better lead generators than case studies.

Ask for a Testimonial
Getting a written testimonial on a Client Testimonial Page is a little tougher than a review since a large number of people don’t feel comfortable with the art of writing. When I ask someone to write a testimonial, I also share with them testimonials that have been written by other customers. If I am talking to a customer on the phone, I will ask them if I can take what they just said and add it to our testimonial page.  A one-sentence quote can be a great testimonial. If the testimonial is too general, I may add one or two specifics in parenthesis for further explanation. I try to always double check with the customer to make sure they are okay with my additional words. I like to add the customer’s first name, last initial, town, and state after the testimonial to make the testimonial more credible. I also include the customer’s business logo with the testimony and link to their website.

Customer reviews and testimonials add legitimacy to your website and provide a new source for written content. They can be shared through social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, linking back to your website. They can also be used during sales discussions to give a potential customer examples of companies or customers you have worked with.


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