eCommerce shipping, eCommerce automation, software automation, Shipping Management, Shipping management system, ShipWorks, ShipStation Are You Experiencing Shipping Pains?
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Are You Experiencing Shipping Pains?

Posted on 2/17/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith in Shipping connectors shipping management system AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce ShipWorks ShipStation

Are you late processing orders and getting them out the door? Delayed order processing = lost money. Now that is a real pain! I spoke to a business owner who was far behind in processing orders – so behind that some of the credit card authorization codes had expired. Ouch!

eCommerce business owners can streamline the ordering & shipping process.

eCommerce business owners can streamline the ordering & shipping process as well as eliminate re-keying errors by adding automation. Look into a shipping maintenance system such as ShipWorks or ShipStation. Connecting your eCommerce website to a 3rd party shipping management system like these will help save you time, reduce errors, improve customer relations, and prevent the need to make that embarrassing phone call to a client asking them for the credit card information again. 

When do you know you are ready for an automated system?

You are ready when the pain gets to be too much for your business.  When the pain is slowing you down and hurting your profit and customer service. 

Save time by having a shipping system automate these steps:

1. Logging into the storefront to print orders.
2. Hand keying orders into shipping software.
3. Getting shipping rates and printing labels.
4. Re-logging into the storefront and hand keying tracking #s and changing order status in storefront.
5. Auto-capture of credit card charge after order status change to 'Shipped'

Do you have multiple selling channels?  (your own storefront, sell on ebay or amazon, or you have multiple storefronts?)  
These Shipping Management solutions can also centralize all of your order processing.  They can be configured to connect to each of your selling channels.  Then download the orders from each one, enabling you to process the orders in one consistent interface, and it will upload the tracking information to the respective storefront and mark it as shipped.  This is where you will really see the benefit of a centralized shipping management solution!

equaTEK Interactive has been making connectors for years and has connected several of our eCommerce clients including those on AspDotNetStorefront to 2 popular shipping management systems: ShipWorks and ShipStation. Our shipping connectors enable orders that are received in an eCommerce online store to be downloaded and processed through one of these shipping management systems. The automation saves time, eliminates errors, and can reduce payroll (or enable employees to focus on selling more).

Read examples of equaTEK’s software development clients and projects. And read how one of our shipping connectors resulted in huge savings for Do you need a connector for your eCommerce site?

Order a free trial of the AspDotNetStorefront connectors. Or give us a call at 585-485-0780. We’ll help you choose the right connector for your business. And let us know other software automation that would be a helpful to your business.


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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