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Evergreen Web Content: What's the best content and what makes it stick?

Posted on 6/8/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in digital marketing seo evergreen web content online marketing

We know that fresh content needs to be added to our websites to keep them interesting and at least on Google’s radar and hopefully Google’s first page of search results. But what is the best content to help you get the job done?

Evergreen Website Content

Search Engine Land published an article, “How to Make Every Single Page on Your Website Evergreen.”  Evergreen content is something that viewers can look at year after year and it remains relevant.  At equaTEK, we are currently focusing on building a library of case studies.

I love that Neil Patel’s article gives concrete types of content to consider adding to your site.  These types of content, now that I think about it, tend to be relevant for years, can be updated if need be, and are some of my favorites!

1.     Case Studies

These are much easier to write than they sound, and when you have focused on accomplishing one, the second one comes much more easily. Link to your case studies within your site on relevant pages as well as within social media such as LinkedIn. Let people know the situation the customer found themselves in (the problem), what your company decided to do to help, and how it turned out.  Try to prove your position with stats. 

2.     Definitions and Explanations

Make sure you are using your own wording or giving credit to the person who wrote the definition.  Relate it to your industry and products if at all possible.

3.     How To Articles

I love these myself when they are online. Don’t we all “Google” how to fix our problems?

4.     Tips

I collect these in my brain every day.

5.     Lists

This one is easy. The Book of Lists by David Wallechinsky and Amy Wallace boasts of selling over 8 million copies.

For so many business owners, adding content is overwhelming. Neil Patel seems to make the starting point a little less intimidating. He reminds us to update our pages with current information to make it more time-relevant and note the actual date it was updated. (I bet Google eats that one up.) And of course, keep you content within the current SEO standards.  We want to help our viewers and keep them interested, and at the same time, we want Google to give us more attention and bring us more traffic.


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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