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Chaos Marketing - A Day in the Life of a Chaos Marketer

Posted on 8/30/2016 by in digital marketing content marketing chaos marketing social media strategy

The Chaos Marketing premise is that often times we, as business folks, dive into digital marketing head first without giving careful consideration to the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all - and that causes chaos. You can join us for our upcoming seminar on Sept 29th and read below where I have mapped out what I define as Chaos Marketing.

Join us for
Chaos Marketing - Stop the Insanity!
on Sept. 29, 2016 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
In conjunction with the East Rochester Chamber
Register Now! 585-485-0780 

What the heck is Chaos Marketing?  It’s trying to navigate the marketing technology landscape without having a plan in placeThis is how chaos marketing typically evolves….   You, the business owner, have a product or service, and you have a website you want to use to sell or promote it.  You know you need to do some sort of online marketing so you…

·      Create an Instagram account and a YouTube Channel.

·      You set up a Pinterest account and create a few boards that you think might be related to your business.

·      You create a Facebook page for your business, claim your Facebook Place and a create Twitter account.  You even event setup Hootsuite to manage those.

·      You claim your location on Google Places, and set up a Google + Page for your business, even though you have no idea why or how to use it.

·      you create a blog, setup a SlideShare account, and update your profile and company page on LinkedIn.

·      You even register for a Pro Account with Survey Builder and Flickr

·      Of course you sign up for Google AdWords because you got a $50 coupon in the mail.

·      Oh, and lets not forget, you pay for a one year subscription to Constant Contact so you can do email marketing – even though you don’t have an email subscribers.

GREAT!  You’ve got it ALL GOING ON…..  So now what?  The first few weeks are awesome – You are on fire!  Posting to all of your social profiles every day… You spend time digging for content and post what you think will be of interest to your audience… Pictures on Pinterest AND Instagram, Tweets, Facebook Posts, Blog Posts, Photos, and so on and so forth. 

Your online marketing strategy (or lack of it) begins to look and feel chaotic.

SO what happens?  You very quickly learn that you are spinning your wheels, spending a TON of time on these marketing tactics without any real plan and you very quickly realize you can’t keep this up forever.  By the 3rd week or so, you are absolutely exhausted and you just don’t understand why you are not seeing the fruits of my labor – you are frustrated and you maybe even start to think that online marketing is a waste of time… and visually it might look something like this:

Chaos Marketing

My hope in painting this picture for you is that you never end up there.

It sounds like Chaos doesn’t it?!   That’s because it is!  It’s insane!  As business owners and managers, we know, time is money!  We need to be efficient with our time and resources.

So how do we prevent the chaos or in some cases reduce it and prevent it from happening again?  It all comes down to strategy.  In the next part of our series on Chaos Marketing we will take a look at getting back to basics, in hopes of preventing this type of chaos from happening.


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