Content Marketing: Step One – Develop Your New Content

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I taught my first equaTEK University seminar last Thursday and had a blast. The audience was very involved and supportive, asking questions throughout the presentation and after. We had business owners, managers, administrators, and marketers in the class. As a previous, New York State teacher, it was a little bit of a high being in front of the group and teaching.

equaTEK University is a monthly class that (typically) meets at equaTEK in East Rochester for one-and-a-half hours - teaching business professionals about digital marketing best practices and what to stay away from.  The class curriculum is always FULL to the brim with information and allows attendees to ask questions to better apply it to their business situation. 

In the recent class, we went over the 4 steps of Content Marketing 
  Develop your new content  
  Push your content out 
  Track your content’s affect 
  Adjust our plan

Your business website is the center or hub of your Internet marketing wheel. When you push your content out on social media, a press release, an email blast, etc. you want to link back to the specific pages on your website (your hub.) Don’t simply link to your homepage, link to the page that is related to the content or what you hope the reader will invest in. 

When developing new content, hit all areas of interest including Evergreen Content (rarely changes), Company Content (what’s new in the company), and Industry Content (what’s new in your industry and what’s your opinion.)

  Evergreen Content – have you double checked your Contact Us page lately for your metadata, company name, address, and phone? Have you checked on your landing pages for product information or service information? Is it up to date and detailed? 
  Company Content – what is new in your company that should be announced: Building? Department? Employee? Award? Structure? Clients?
  Industry Content – what are others writing about in your industry and tell us if it is important and what we should be doing with this information. 

Content marketing can help your company succeed online and ultimately increase your phone calls and sales. Please join us at an equaTEK University class or give me a call and learn a little more about how equaTEK can help your company be successful. 585-485-0780  

Some of the comments about equaTEK University: 
"You will learn a lot for a small investment."
Jillaine N
"Great information, and I learned a lot. I received things to implement immediately."
Mary Beth L


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