Large Video Files Don't Let Your Video Weigh Down Your Website
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Don't Let Your Video Weigh Down Your Website

Posted on 2/21/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

Online video is great to have on your business website to get your point across. Those same videos may be large digital files that take up extra space on the server and slow down your page load time. But don't let your file-size fears stop you from adding video to your business website.

Have you heard that If you add video to your business website, the large file size will slow down your page load time and take up a lot of space on your server? This is a common concern for business owners when faced with adding video. But there are methods that are commonly used to mitigate this issue and even avoid taking up space on your own server.

One method is to upload the video first to a social channel like YouTube or Wistia or Vimeo.  Use a code snippet from the respective channel and embed it on your website.  These social video channels have dedicated servers that house the video file rather than storing the file on your website's server. When a visitor wants to play the video, the computer looks to the social channel's servers to load and play the video. The only space taken up on your website's server is the small snippet of code that references the video stored on the social channel. 

In my research on this topic, several articles suggest using a thumbnail of the video on your website that links to the actual video on the social channel. The video then plays when the image gets clicked on. Digital Inspiration writes, "Google+ uses a clever technique for embedding YouTube videos – it just embeds the thumbnail image of a YouTube video and the actual video player is loaded only when the user manually clicks the thumbnail...." We have used this method many times. It also allows you to choose which still shot is presented first. With video, often the initial still shot is someone making an odd face. If you choose the thumbnail, the initial image representing the video can be just what you want... smiling, clear, and attractive.

Don't be fooled into thinking adding video to your site has to slow your site down. Video makes your site more interesting. Search engines tend to rank pages with video higher on result pages, and you have a great way to get your message across to the world. Make a video with your phone or camera and see what happens.  Need help editing or figuring out the process, contact Sue at equaTEK Interactive, 585-484-0780.


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