Email Marketing – On the Rise in 2017!

Posted on 12/19/2016 by

Major brands in the US are putting more money into building their email address lists and building email campaigns.

Just when we thought email marketing was on the way out, it’s coming back with a lot of pressure. CMI (Content Marketing Institute) announced December 19th that, “...The Washington Post now has over 75 e-newsletters, while The New York Times has 12 people dedicated to newsletters…” CMI also rates email marketing as the No. 1 success metric for measuring content marketing. 

That means e-newsletters with targeted campaigns are on the rise. So pull out your content calendar and make sure you are including email marketing that has substance. Meaning, it’s strategically planned within your content calendar. Additionally, it is linked to one or two strategic landing pages – possibly ones made specifically for the e-newsletter or email blast. What's on your content calendar for your email newsletters and email blasts? Do you have...

__ Strategic content written for your emails
__ Images in your emails that make a point
__ Online surveys and tips sheets that get your audience involved
__ Creative landing pages that match your email
__ Strategic subject lines that get your readers’ attention

Need help with email marketing? Feel free to contact me or give equaTEK a call at 585-485-0780. Ask us for help with your email marketing and digital marketing.


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