Google to roll out new mobile-favored algorithm on April 21st. Are you ready?

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Is your site mobile friendly? If you have not made the leap to a mobile-friendly website you may feel the consequences on April 21, 2015 when Google releases it's new algorithm that will now place more importance on that key element. Websites that are not mobile friendly will now rank lower than those that are.

Search Engine Land posted a laundry list of questions that businesses are asking about mobile websites, SEO for mobile, and how this new Google algorithm update will impact search rank.  The bottom line is this...  If you have been dragging your feet about updating your website so your customers and prospects can view it on a mobile device, you will take a double hit with this new release. You may believe that your customers are not viewing your website on a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone, and that may be true, but now Google will factor in whether or not your website is optimized for mobile along with all the other factors that go into your Google search rank.  This is a game changer.

So while you believe your customers may not be on mobile devices, that no longer matters because Google believes they are. And, we all know, what Google says... goes.  What you need to know is that mobile optimization isn't just making your website look pretty on a smart phone or tablet, it has also to do with how your website is built for mobile. Having a responsive website is one option for delivering mobile content from your website, where a second option may be to build a mobile version of your website where your visitors are redirected to a mobile version of your site on their devices.  

And there's more to the story... You may be engaged in standard SEO practices, but you now should factor in mobile search engine optimization as a part of your digital marketing efforts to ensure that your mobile optimized website is also search optimized to keep you competitive in Google search.

So what now?

First, take a deep breath!  Start by taking the mobile-friendly test... it's FREE!  Use Google Developer Tools Mobile Friendly Test to see how mobile-friendly your website truly is.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

Second - if you are not seeing the results you want in this mobile-friendly test, get in touch with us right away!  We can help transform your website to be mobile-friendly and responsive, along with helping you optimize your website for mobile-friendly search.  We don't want you to miss the boat when Google rolls out this new algorithm in another week and you start to notice a big drop in web traffic!

Contact Sue at equaTEK at (585) 924-8680 and tell her you want to be competitive with the new Google mobile-friendly algorithm updates.  We don't take a cookie cutter approach to mobile or SEO, so Sue will help you craft a plan that will meet your business objectives and budgetary needs to get you on the right path so you don't miss out!


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