How Do I Increase Traffic How Do I Increase Traffic To My eCommerce Website?

How Do I Increase Traffic To My eCommerce Website?

Posted on 1/13/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith in eCommerce SEO how to increase sales how to increase traffic eCommerce traffic better product pages

Increasing the traffic to your eCommerce website, if appropriate traffic, is a great way to increase your customer contacts and sales. If you are selling 5 widgets a week through your website, then doubling your weekly traffic will often double those widget sales from 5 to 10 a week. Once the traffic is on your site, you need to quickly get the visitor to where he or she wants to go, and give them an opportunity to buy or contact you.

Here are basic strategies for increasing your traffic and ultimately the sales of your storefront.

1. Focus on the WEBSITE:
• Improve your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by adding Metadata that follows the latest search engine rules from Google. You can hire a company to help you with this. I don’t recommend an automated service. If improving your website’s SEO is as simple as pushing some buttons, then why isn’t everybody doing it?
• Make sure your checkout and linking work properly. If you haven’t checked it in 6-12 months, there is always a chance it is not working now.

• Give your categories simple names that get a person headed in the right direction. Don’t make your viewer work too hard before they click on a category.

3. Focus on the PRODUCT PAGES:
• Add details and specifics to your important product pages. Focusing on your top 20 products will save you time and get the work done in the places you need it most. 
Your titles should state what you are selling in a short phrase
Your subtitles should add a little more detail about the product
Your description should add a lot of detail to take away all surprises 
• Add a product review – try calling a customer who has purchased the product and ask them what they think. Let them know that you are hoping to add personal quotes to your website. A sentence or 2 is great.

To help you with this, think like the customer who’s in a hurry:
Can the customer make a buying decision by looking at just the title and picture?
If the customer reads the subtitle, do they now know enough to have assurance that they are buying the right item?
If you have a detailed-oriented first time buyer looking at the product, have you answered all their questions and assured them that they have found just what they are looking for?

4. Focus on the WORLD:
• Let the world know that you have a new product or a new customer review. Write about it on the social media outlet of your choice: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog… And always link back to your website – hopefully the category page or product page.
The search engines notice the changes on your website and like to showcase new content. The work you put into your site will get visitors there and encourage visitors to contact you and buy.

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