How I Became a LinkedIn All Star Overnight

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I walked into a LinkedIn for Business event this morning with an attitude that I already knew the innerworkings of the platform and that a "refresher" would just be helpful, and hey, I might even meet a few new people at an AMA Rochester event.

I had no idea what to expect, and well... Mind blown...

D.B. Wienke and Mike Kaufman were the co-presenters today and holy cow!  I came back to my desk and the very first thing I did was sit down and examine my profile.  Before attending I felt my profile was pretty good.  I was getting on LinkedIn a few times a week, posting to our company page, checking to see who looked at my profile and somewhat engaging.  

That all changes today! I have effectively taken my profile from so-so to "All-Star" in a very short period of time, by cleaning out some clutter, cleaning up descriptions and images, optimizing links.  I am super excited about how I will change the way I use this platform to build relationships and help others.  I loved one of the things Mike talked about today in that we are really paying it forward.  He does not self promote when he speaks, and that has always been my philosphy.  I'd rather just build a relationship with you first, and if it turns to business down the road great, if it ends up being a life-long friendship I'm good with that too!

So what's next for me on LinkedIn?  A few things actually...

Step 1 - I'm going to clean out my connections.  Back when I got started, I was connecting with anyone and everyone. 

Step 2 - I'm going to assess the groups that I am currently a member of.  Select 3 or 4 that I can really focus some time and engery on, and jump in and join the conversations.

Step 3 - I'm going to look at ways I can connect people in truly meaningful ways.

Step 4 - I plan to stay engaged on a personal level.  I am excited that I can share all my kid pictures (happy birthday to my ten year old today) - on Facebook, and connect in a very different way there.  Here I can still be me, and be authentic, but can build a different type of relationship.

I've been speaking on Chaos Marketing for over a year now, and I can honestly say, this presentation today has cleared out some chaos for us at equaTEK.  I still plan to put the fun and culture of our company on Facebook, and Google+ from time-to-time, but my main engagement platform will be LinkedIn going forward.  And not to cram our content and ideas down your throat, but more to listen and engage in more meaningful ways.

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