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How will digital marketing work for my business?

Posted on 6/15/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in digital marketing content marketing seo search engine optimization internet marketing

Traditional marketing such as magazine ads, radio ads, flyers, and direct mail are still great marketing tools, but they no longer hold the power that they used to for many industries. Internet or digital marketing has become a powerful force for businesses with great ROI. Depending on your industry and specific business, it may be crucial to the continuation of your success. Digital marketing generates quicker results and is often less expensive than traditional marketing techniques.

Digital MarketingStart with your goals and make a plan.  This means you have to come up with specific and measureable goals. So you want to earn more money? How much more? And what products and services have the potential to do that? What are your loss leaders?  What are your most profitable offerings? Are you simply looking for leads, or to generate an actual sale?

Example GOAL #1:
Double our Widget sales over the next 12 months (from 250 widgets to 500 widgets each month.)

Measure your results in real time. How many quote requests, phone calls, and sales are you getting each month?  You should be tracking your results.  Also, how many visits do you get to the main product pages, and where are they coming from? Which websites are sending you the most relevant traffic?

Increase Web Traffic to increase phone calls and sales overall. With increased website traffic you most likely will increase customers reaching out to you and buying your products. So to double your Widget sales over the next 12 months, you have to... double your website Widget traffic. 

How do you increase that web traffic for Widgets? Enter Digital Marketing! A good digital marketer can help you develop and implement a plan based on real-time analytics, user interactions, goal conversions, best performing website pages and content and other factors.  Having a strategic plan that continues to evolve is key.

Using paid online advertising like pay-per-click search engine advertising can help feature your website at the top of search engine results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  This can be a great way to augment your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, when you are still working on achieving strong organic search rank

New content on your site including the newest information about your products, your industry, and your company (as it relates to widgets) will bring more visitors to your site.  But knowing what content to develop and when is all part of that strategic digital marketing plan.

Measure and track results all along the way. If you published a new blog post, and it brought 20 new visitors to your Widget page in one month and your goal is to double your Widget page traffic from 250 views to 500 views each week, then you need a lot more blog posts to get the visitors coming.  Again, a digital marketer can help you figure this out. A digital marketer can help you figure out what is working on your website and what is not. He or she can provide statistics through analytics and help you make informed decisions about where you should be focusing on improving your website content and search visibility.

If your business isn’t moving forward in sales then there is a good chance it is moving backward. Contact a digital marketer for some help with internet marketing.  


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