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The Google 3-Pack (recently called a 2-Pack plus 1) is a search result that comes up for quality local businesses along with a coordinating map, review results, and links. It is meant to save Internet searchers time. The 3-Pack results are dependent on where the searcher is located when doing the search. As a business, you cannot guarantee you will show up in Google’s 3-Pack, but you can learn about Google’s motivation for adding a business to the top and actions you can take to increase your chances of showing up.

What is the new 2-Pack plus 1?
Google has reduced the 3 local results to just 2 organic results plus a paid advertisers.

Why is the 3-Pack or 2-Pack plus 1 so important?
To a searcher, it is a quick and easy way to find what they want with ranked results, clear information, and reliable information. It is customized to the searcher's location - from where ever they are searching. It provides Google Reviews at a glance. The stars are easy to access, and the location, one-line description, and distance are all helpful instantly. But Google is only going to include your business if  you are reliable and attractive to Google.

How can I make my listing more attractive to Google?
1. Have a mobile-friendly website
Google added the variable of having a mobile responsive website to their algorithm in April of 2015. I you don't have a mobile-responsive website, you may not rank as high on a Google results page as those who do. 
2. Claim and verify your Google My Business 
If you haven't claimed your Google My Business page, Google can't be sure of the your business information they post. They want you to claim it and verify the address. 
3. Make sure you have consistent map, business name, address, phone, and hours on your website and on other websites. Most business directories follow Google's lead on what name and address they use.  And Google follows your Google My Business page and your website. Your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) should be included on your Contact Us page as well as in the Meta Title of that page. A Google Map should also be on your Contact Us page.
4. Have multiple reputable listings on the web with the same consistent contact information. Make sure you are reliable by making your business name, address, and phone number exactly the same throughout the web. There are companies who will use an automated service to do this for you, but you typically have to pay them FOREVER to keep it going. Once you stop paying, it all goes back to the old version. It can get costly.
5. Get Google Reviews filled out by your customers
A great way to get Google Reviews is to send out a post card to each new client requesting a review. On the other hand, don't send out an email blast asking everyone post a Google Review.  Google may "punish" your ranking if you manipulate customers into leaving reviews. They like them to appear organically.

Google My Business and Google Local Search are crucial for many businesses. Let equaTEK know if you would like help with ranking higher on Google or if you have questions that we may be able to answer. You can always write us at info@equaTEK.com  


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