Affordable Video More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 2: Target Your Audience

More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 2: Target Your Audience

Posted on 2/1/2017 by Maureen Mattia in digital marketing video marketing

We continue our series to help you break down the steps to create effective and affordable video messages. In my first post, I asked you to Set An Objective. Now, let's go onto step 2:

Target Your Audience
Decision time; who do you wish to reach with your video message? Defining your audience will help answer the questions of how to reach your target and what you wish to say. Keep your audience in mind during each step of creating your video.

1. Think WIFM - “What’s in it for me?”
That is the first consideration in your audience’s mind; that’s when they decide whether or not to watch or read your message. If you don’t start with a specific audience in mind and include “what’s in it for them”, it will be hit or miss whether your message reaches your target.
Along this same line - “the riches are in the niches”! By getting specific with a target audience, you increase your chances of connecting your message with their needs. You will be able to create a more emotional connection rather than just listing your services and features. Your audience wants to know that you “get” them and their pain points and have the solutions they need.

2. Help your audience find you.
Include written content in the video description that resonates with your specific audience. Use phrasing and jargon that relates to them. Include several hashtag keywords in your posting description on platforms that support their use:
Google Plus
LinkedIn - new on the mobile app, coming to all platforms/members soon. 
Facebook - supported but 2016 research concluded posts without hashtags generated more reach.
Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

3. Start with your known audience.
If you are new to creating video content, stick to an audience you have already been successful with. Breaking into video content and a new audience may net confusing results due to the multiple variables.

4. Find where your audience spends their time online.
Ask your current customers which social media sites they regularly use. Research online information that breaks down the top social channels based on gender, age, education and more. Once you know where they are, post your video to all the social channels you support in addition to your website, YouTube, and Google+. Make sure you include appropriate written content for each specific channel.

PRO TIP: Write your top keywords on a post-it note and make sure you reference them in your short video title, video file name and longer video description to help identify your content and make it easier for search engines to index.
Stay tuned for the next installment of More Affordable Video Marketing - What is Your Message?

Maureen Mattia is the founder of Edit Dash video service, partnering with equaTEK Interactive to provide affordable video content for all your marketing needs.


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