affordable video More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 3: What is your message?

More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 3: What is your message?

Posted on 2/6/2017 by Maureen Mattia in video marketing

We continue our series today with tips to help you break down the steps to create effective and affordable video messages. What is your message? Do you have 1 main message for your video? Is it specific?

Affordable Video ProductionWhat is your message?
  1. The less words you can use to describe your message, the better. Albert Einstein nailed the concept of communication when he said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” 
  2. Storytelling is the most effective style in marketing communications and best for company overviews and "explainers." It resonates with viewers while conveying your brand’s personality and message. 
  3. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes, then avoid technical jargon, product features and other boring facts and numbers. Appeal to an emotional tie with your viewers, by telling a story that is real or based on a real story. 
  4. Your message should provide an answer to how your product or service “will benefit me” - the customer. Help the audience see themselves reaping rewards from your “solution”.  Clear rewards will boost your call-to-action effectiveness. 
  5. A concise title is important as it draws a viewer in to watch a video they could otherwise scroll past in social media feeds. Don’t “bury the lead” but put your main message in the title or within the first 8 seconds of your video.
  6. Design videos to capture attention without sound, but giving clues that someone is speaking (a talking head) can entice a viewer to click for audio. News feeds on Facebook and Twitter will automatically start playing (with audio muted) when you scroll past, so include enough text to make your message apparent.
  7. Use bold text in your video for easier comprehension and eye-catching appeal.
After writing your script, do some ninja editing and slash mercilessly. Think short and shorter as you are editing, then shorten one more time! If you plan to tape yourself speaking, decide what can be communicated with other photos and video and leave the shortest, fewest words as screen text to emphasize key points. Avoid a complete “talking head” video and shoot additional visual content so you can cut away to other footage. Remember to speak naturally on camera, and do not read from a script. You don’t want to sound canned or too formal as you are trying to make a connection with the viewer. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of More Affordable Video Marketing - The Crucial Call to Action

Maureen Mattia is the founder of Edit Dash video service, partnering with equaTEK Interactive to provide affordable video content for all your marketing needs.


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