Affordable Video Marketing More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 6: Expert Editing
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More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 6: Expert Editing

Posted on 2/13/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

If you’ve followed the previous tips and have video editing experience, you are ready to produce your video message. You’ve certainly completed the hardest part if you have identified your audience, defined your message, and gathered your content.

If you don’t have editing skills, now is the time to hand over the video editing to someone qualified. 
REASONS TO employ professional editing:

• The ability to split, trim and join video clips will help clarify your message. Tightening up the pace will keep your message succinct and on point. This opportunity to edit out any  “ums”, “ahs” and unwanted pauses will result in smoother sounding audio.
• Adding text to your video is important as explained earlier in Part 3 - “What is Your Message?” Bold, contrasting titles and captions will direct more attention to your key points. It is also vital to add your logo and call-to-action. Each video you create can have multiple purposes, one of which includes strengthening your brand recognition.
• Your editor should be able to provide royalty-free background music, necessary to avoid copyright infringement. Some platforms will block the audio, video and possibly your account upon detecting copyright abuse, especially for repeated instances.
• An editor experienced in online video creation will have suggestions on file size and video length best suited to different online platforms. Ideally, you can optimize your video for several online uses or repurpose your video content into more than one video asset.

The upshot? A professional video editor will be able to polish the content you’ve provided into a sharp looking and sounding video that you can use across platforms for multiple uses.

We hope these tips help you shorten video creation time, drastically reduce your production budget and get on with spreading your message faster than ever before.

Maureen Mattia is the founder of Edit Dash video service, partnering with equaTEK Interactive to provide affordable video content for all your marketing needs.


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