eCommerce, AspDotNetStorefront, AspDotNetStorefront Version 10, PCI Compliant New eCommerce Standards Are Met with AspDotNetStorefront v10
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New eCommerce Standards Are Met with AspDotNetStorefront v10

Posted on 2/23/2016 by Sue Mayo Smith in PCI Compliance AspDotNetStorefront eCommerce AspDotNetStorefront Version 10 TLS 1.2 PCI Pa DSS 3.1

Whether you recently upgraded your AspDotNetStorefront platform or haven’t done it in a very long time, credit card companies are forcing you to upgrade to a PCI Compliant version in 2018 (Updated date.) If you don’t upgrade to the new PCI compliant version, you will no longer be “covered” by the PCI Compliant umbrella and may be responsible for charges made with stolen cards and fines from the credit card companies.

Older versions of eCommerce platform AspDotNetStorefront do not meet new standards

According to the well-known eCommerce software company Vortx (makers of AspDotNetStorefront) version 10 of AspDotNetStorefront is about to be released. eCommerce owners should pay attention. Older versions of AspDotNetStorefront do not meet new PCI DSS 3.1 standards, which will start being enforced as of June 30, 2018 (Updated Date) for existing eCommerce installations. The new 3.1 PCI Compliance requirements affect your eCommerce platform as well as your hosting environment.

AspDotNetStorefront isn’t the only eCommerce company rushing to get the new version out. All eCommerce platforms have until June 30th, 2016 to create a new updated version and get it out to the public.

According to our sources at AspDotNetStorefront, this is the key information for the v10 release:

When will the new version be available?
First quarter of 2016 

Who can complete the upgrade to Version 10?
Vortx/AspDotNetStorefront can complete the upgrade or a certified AspDotNetStorefront v10 software development partner of Vortx. (equaTEK Interactive is currently on the soon-to-be-published list of certified companies. All software development partners are classified as “pending” certification as of right now.)

What are the attributes of Version 10?

• Protects your business by using a certified PCI payment application

• Moves to a clean, certified-PCI storefront code base

• Attracts traffic across all devices with a mobile-ready design

• Increases brand awareness through SEO (free-format URLs, microdata, product feeds)

• Reduces abandonment through the simple, intuitive, and beautiful checkout

• Moves all your data (orders, customers, products, content ...) securely from your existing store version to the current schema

• Provides a new, responsive layout that will be implemented with your choice of images and links

• Gives best-practice advice on how to use AspDotNetStorefront v10 for your greatest success

Where can I learn more?

Contact equaTEK or go to AspDotNetStorefront “Upgrade to v10

equaTEK Interactive is happy to help you answer questions and upgrade your website to AspDotNetStorefront Version 10. We are an AspDotNetStorefront Partner, which means we provide custom development, design, and marketing work for AspDotNetStorefront customers. 
Give us a call at 585-485-0780. You can ask for me, Sue. 


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