Autoplay Video, Auto-Play Video STOP Auto-Play Videos from Ruining Your Website Traffic
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STOP Auto-Play Videos from Ruining Your Website Traffic

Posted on 2/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

As I was perusing other digital marketing firms' websites, I was shocked to find one that had an auto-play video on the homepage. (One of those talking heads that reads a script about the company.) I was shocked because there is tons of research out there, including my own from my clients' websites, that auto-play video on the homepage not only increases the likelihood of a viewer leaving your website, but also annoys those viewers to no end!

I found a post about the problems of auto-play video on websites. I can't believe we still find these on the Internet in 2017. This is the article I found that outlines some of the problems so you can see for yourself. 6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Have an Autoplaying Homepage Video 

1. It slows down a page that needs to be speedy
2. Slow loading is problematic, even if you use an asynchronous embed
3. It creates, rather than lessens, cognitive load
4. It makes watching a video the main CTA (Call to Action)
5. It didn't work that well for Wistia
6. It makes a homepage not a homepage

I wonder if people who add auto-play video on their websites are the same ones that believe in force-feeding children. "I will make you watch this video no matter what."

But if you still aren't convinced, imagine this:
A viewer finds your website. Your auto-play video starts running. The viewer suddenly screams because their volume-control is turned up much too high for this video. They immediately get a migraine and swear at your homepage. Do you want this to be your potential client's first impression of your website. Yikes!

I hope this post reaches the digital marketing firms that are still pushing auto-play videos.


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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