Tips for Small Business Facebook Engagement

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As a Small Business marketer, it takes time to grow your Facebook audience - unless you have that one magic post that goes viral and draws the masses to your page in an instant. But that doesn't happen often so you need a slow organic plan to grow your Facebook Page engagement.

7 Small Business Tip for Facebook Marketing

Here are some content ideas and tips to keep things fresh on your Facebook page, and keep it showing up in the Facebook newsfeed for your current fan base in hopes to grow your future fan base.

  • Post short videos. Videos don't have to be complicated and they don't need to be professionally produced. You can take your own videos and post them with little effort, or use stock video footage and music footage from websites like and  Video content can include things like customer testimonials, product tips and how-to, product reviews, facility tours, talking heads, humor, holiday greetings, video blog posts and so on. Be sure to use YouTube as your primary location source to maximize back links and all the SEO benefits it provided.
  • Images, and more Images. From inspirational quotes to special offers, use images in all of your posts.  Post with images in them enjoy a much higher engagement and click rate than posts with no images.  Creating images does not need to be complicated either.  Use inexpensive applications like Vanilla Pen to create compelling images, calls to action, quotes, offers, promotions and more.  They save out and format perfectly for sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Poll the audience. Ask questions so you can begin to have real and honest conversations with your audience. It is usually good to avoid controversial topics, unless there is defined cause to start heated dialogues with your audiences.
  • Other People's Content. Yes, share other people's content on your page if it is something your page fans will find relevant.  Be sure to tag the original content source for proper attribution.
  • Games and Contests. Run promotions that will get your audience involved and get them sharing your content. Photo contents and other crowdsourced campaigns are a great way to increase page engagement in a short period of time.
  • Paid Facebook Ads. Don't be afraid to promote some of your best work so you can reach new eyeballs. Pick the cream of the crop in terms of content you want to promote, or create compelling reasons for people to like your Facebook page and then run some very targeted ads, but spend prudently on Facebook ads and you can yield some quality traffic to your page at a relatively low cost.
  • Fun and Random Content.  With moderation, this can be a great tactic to keep your page fans engaged.  It isn't recommended that this be your primary type of content, but weaving these in on occasion is a great way to keep people connected and actually get them talking to you.  Funny videos, tasteful and relevant humor, fill in the blank questions, etc.

At the end of the day consistency is key. Post regularly and monitor your page carefully. Respond to negative feedback and adhere to your page posting guidelines. If you don't have posting guidelines about acceptable content, create some and make them public. Respond to and interact with every single comment that lands on your page.  Thank your audience for engaging with you.  When you do that they are more likely to keep coming back.

And don't give up. This takes time. We are in the throws ourselves of growing our Facebook audience, but it've done it in the past with other brands and companies, and I will do it with equaTEK.  The right content, at the right frequency, over a long period of time...  It works!


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