Why Can’t I Just Go with the Free Version for my Business? Why Can’t I Just Go with the Free Version for my Business?
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Why Can’t I Just Go with the Free Version for my Business?

Posted on 2/23/2016 by Ed Hanchett in free version free website template professional website professionally built website

A colleague and I were discussing a prospect and his contention he didn’t need to pay us to develop his business website since there are so many free options available. So is that true? Is the free solution good enough?

Why do I need to pay for a professionally built website?

I found myself reflecting on research I personally conducted online on the topic of depth perception. At that time I was surprised to discover an ‘online’ self-evaluation test relative to the topic for which I was searching. That was interesting to me because my search topic was regarding my own lack of depth perception and its impact on my balance. You see, I was born with only one functioning eye so I’ve never had depth perception. Regardless of all the specialists and surgeons that have treated my vision issues for my entire life, I was 33-years-old before anyone discovered that my world through my eyes is flat. And now, to my wonder, there is an online self-test for depth perception that will do that for me. There are online stores and tools. So why do I still see (and pay) a specialist for anything related to my eyes if so much can be found online?

Maybe it’s because a specialist has knowledge that I don’t have that is likely needed to go a step or many steps beyond that online self-test. And then there is the equipment he uses. I suppose that helps in my diagnosis and treatment somehow. Perhaps it’s his experience since I’m probably not the first person to have these symptoms and issues. Certainly, if I’m motivated, I can study and gain knowledge, for learning is open to us all. I could even invest in equipment and learn how to use it. Over time, I’d gain experience. So in a few years, I won’t really need him to take care of me anymore.

That reflection led me to my next point of consideration. Why does anyone buy anything from a professional? After all, whatever they offer must not be that unique. Why do I take my car to a mechanic? Or why do I need a doctor? For the same reason I still see an eye specialist: the knowledge, the equipment, and the experience.

If it’s so easy, if anybody can do it, why does my own business exist? OK, there are a few businesses that exist and provide a service for the convenience of the buyer. There are some businesses that simply make one’s life simpler. On the other hand, if what you do takes any type of training, education, knowledge and experience, odds are someone else needs to pay you for that and can't duplicate it easily by getting the free version.

So why do you need to pay us to build your website (by the way – the right way)? That’s why.


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Posted on 11/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive
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