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Tips for Your Business: Is your Email Address Working for You?

Posted on 8/7/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing Tips for Your Business

Your business Email address should be a part of your marketing plan!

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Don't Let Your Video Weigh Down Your Website

Posted on 2/21/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

Online video is great to have on your business website to get your point across. Those same videos may be large digital files that take up extra space on the server and slow down your page load time. But don't let your file-size fears stop you from adding video to your business website.

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STOP Auto-Play Videos from Ruining Your Website Traffic

Posted on 2/14/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

As I was perusing other digital marketing firms' websites, I was shocked to find one that had an auto-play video on the homepage. (One of those talking heads that reads a script about the company.) I was shocked because there is tons of research out there, including my own from my clients' websites, that auto-play video on the homepage not only increases the likelihood of a viewer leaving your website, but also annoys those viewers to no end!

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More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 6: Expert Editing

Posted on 2/13/2017 by Equatek Interactive in digital marketing internet marketing

If you’ve followed the previous tips and have video editing experience, you are ready to produce your video message. You’ve certainly completed the hardest part if you have identified your audience, defined your message, and gathered your content.

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More Affordable Video Marketing - Part 2: Target Your Audience

Posted on 2/1/2017 by Maureen Mattia in digital marketing video marketing

We continue our series to help you break down the steps to create effective and affordable video messages. In my first post, I asked you to Set An Objective. Now, let's go onto step 2:

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Chaos Marketing - A Day in the Life of a Chaos Marketer

Posted on 8/30/2016 by in digital marketing content marketing chaos marketing social media strategy

The Chaos Marketing premise is that often times we, as business folks, dive into digital marketing head first without giving careful consideration to the who, what, when, where, why and how of it all - and that causes chaos. You can join us for our upcoming seminar on Sept 29th and read below where I have mapped out what I define as Chaos Marketing.

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2016 Digital Marketing Prediction: More Chaos

Posted on 4/7/2016 by in video marketing digital marketing social media chaos marketing

If you are staying on top of the latest trends in Digital Marketing for your business, and have yet to take the plunge, you may be overwhelmed with where to start. With the trends brings the chaos... more of it!

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LinkedIn Connections Weight Loss Guide - Thinning out your Connections... It's like losing 10 pounds of dead weight!

Posted on 12/9/2015 by in digital marketing LinkedIn for Business B2B Social Media

Forgive me, it's been some time since my last blog post! I was cleaning out my LinkedIn connections (or starting to anyway) to make my LinkedIn experience more meaningful and decided I'd share my philosphy on how I am thinning out my connections, why, and what my strategy is. Check it out...

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Email Subject Lines: You know you want to open me!

Posted on 7/20/2015 by in digital marketing email marketing email subject lines that work

In front of every great email campaign is a solid subject line that makes your subscribers want to open the email. How can you create effective email subject lines that will increase your open rates and click through rates on email campaigns, and even reduce your unsubscribe rate?

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How will digital marketing work for my business?

Posted on 6/15/2015 by Sue Mayo Smith in digital marketing content marketing seo search engine optimization internet marketing

Traditional marketing such as magazine ads, radio ads, flyers, and direct mail are still great marketing tools, but they no longer hold the power that they used to for many industries. Internet or digital marketing has become a powerful force for businesses with great ROI. Depending on your industry and specific business, it may be crucial to the continuation of your success. Digital marketing generates quicker results and is often less expensive than traditional marketing techniques.

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